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  • Boost The Healing Power of Green Tea: Add Ginger


    Spiced Green Tea

    Green tea and ginger have become important elements in preventive health care. Their high concentrations of antioxidants boost the immune system. Also, both contain plant-based chemicals called polyphenols that neutralize free radicals in the body.

    One’s risk of developing cancer may be greatly reduced by Green Tea and ginger’s ability to neutralize free radicals. These polyphenols might help arrest the growth of cancerous cells and possibly diminish those that are already present in the body.

    Due to their antioxidants, Green Tea and ginger protect against blood clots. Ginger is a natural anticoagulant. Green tea is believed to help reduce cholesterol levels and promote healthy blood pressure. Thus, both are useful in the prevention of heart attacks.

    Ginger is known to help reduce nausea. Those suffering from motion sickness, morning sickness, or nausea that is caused by chemotherapy can benefit from drinking Green tea and ginger.

    Note that pregnant women should discuss the use of ginger with their doctor since ginger may stimulate uterine contractions.

    Both, Green Tea and ginger have potent anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in significantly reducing the pain and joint swelling associated with arthritis.

    Ginger also:

    • Increases blood circulation and reduces blood sugar
    • Has an aphrodisiac effect on the body
    • Treats colds and coughs by reducing fever, soothes sore throats, and helps clear up phlegm
    • Relieves heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, and vomiting
    • Eases headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, gout, and soreness

    Caution:  If you have a medical condition, take medication, or are pregnant, consult with your healthcare provider before using Green Tea and/or Ginger either medicinally or therapeutically because they may interact with certain medications and medical conditions.

    Green Ginger Tea

    Peel approximately 1 inch of fresh ginger root and slice it thinly.

    Place the ginger in a saucepan, cover with 4 cups of water and simmer for 15 minutes.

    Let ginger steep in the boiled water for 5 minutes before removing and discarding.

    Brew Green Tea in another pot.

    Combine both teas.

    It’s recommended that you consume 3 to 4 cups of the mixture per day. Store mixture in the refrigerator and discard any leftovers after 24 hours.

    Or try Evanor Tea’s Spiced Green Tea; a light, not too spicy, refreshing drink that’s popular both hot and as Iced Tea.

  • A Healthful Alternative Sweetener For Your Tea


    A lot of people these days are watching their waistlines. Adding a teaspoon or so of sugar or honey can add 15 to 25 calories to your tea.

    Of course there are many low- or no-calorie alternatives to sugar and honey, but they come with risks or side effects. Over the years, a long list of dangerous side effects have been linked to the use of artificial sweeteners. Even the natural sweeteners made from sugar alcohol have their own drawbacks that range from leaving an aftertaste to headaches and diarrhea.

    Recently I came upon an all-natural sweetener made from a Chinese fruit called Lo Han Kuo (Lo Han). Once the extract is powdered it becomes 10 times sweeter than sugar and has a mild, fruity flavor. The best part is that this sweetener is heat stable so it won’t break down in hot beverages like tea. Lo Han has been used for hundreds of years as a staple in Chinese healing. It’s a powerful antioxidant and packed with amino acids and vitamins. The Chinese have used it to boost immunity; moisten the lungs and skin; purify the blood; and treat coughs, sore throats, nasal congestion, gastric upsets, diarrhea, stress, and constipation. For the diabetic, this sweetener has a low Glycemic Index that does not cause extreme fluctuations in blood sugar. And there’s good news for anyone struggling to lose weight. Lo Han is low in calories having only about 2 calories in a 2 gram serving. Studies show that using this sweetener also tends to reduce cravings for sweets or foods in general and does not stimulate fat storage.

    If you’re looking for an all-natural sweetener that has no known side effects and is good for you, give Lo Han a try.