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  • Father’s Day and Another Tie?


    Ok, Father’s Day is coming up and what are you buying him this year? Another tie? Why not try something different and give him the gift of tea. Evanor Teas has a tea blend formulated especially for men.

     Our Ayurvedic Men’s Activity Tea has a spicy and tangy herbal taste that men love. With a hint of sharpness, this tea helps poor old Dad’s weariness melt away. One of the ingredients, Peppermint, is great for treating insomnia and anxiety due to work-day stress. This tea also works great as a stomach strengthener and helps control gas.

     Surprise Dad this year with something truly different; a tea that is great tasting and revitalizing.

  • What is Ayurvedic Tea?


    In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “Knowledge of Life” and is pronounced ( eye – yer – vay – da ). Ayurvedic is an ancient India holistic health care system that has roots in traditional Indian philosophies. Known to enhance the balance of a person’s everyday life through the use of herbs, plants, fruits, and spices, Ayurveda teas result in delicious and aromatic drinks.

    According to Ayurvedic practices, all of life’s functions are controlled through three energies called Doshas; dosha kapha, dosha vata, and dosha pitta.

    Ayurvada kapha affects endurance, strength and promotes self-healing. Ayurvedic kapha teas, spicy in nature, relieves congestion and is useful as a digestion tea.

    Ayurvada vata dosha governs the life force and is good for dry skin and poor circulation. Ayurvedic vata teas usually have a toasty and sweet citrus taste.

    Ayurvada pitta dosha balances metabolic energy while regulating digestion and promoting appetite. An Ayurvedic pita dosha tea is usually cooling and refreshing.

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  • A Stressful Day


    Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go the way you planned it? Well, that’s the way my day turned out. By the time evening rolled around, I was exhausted and frustrated. So I turned on the TV  and made myself a cup of  Anti-Stress tea. As I sipped this slightly sweet, tasty cinnamon creation, I could feel the tension of the day melting away. Soon, I was totally relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

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