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  • Why Buy a Ceylon Bodum Iced Tea Maker?

    Ceylon Bodum Iced Tea Pitcher

    Ceylon Bodum Pitcher

    Iced tea is easy to make without fancy equipment, so why buy a special apparatus?

    The Ceylon Bodum Iced Tea Maker is a heavy-duty plastic pitcher with a removable filter called an infuser basket. All parts are dishwasher safe, and with its sleek design, this pitcher fits nicely into most bins on refrigerator doors. The pitcher is typically available in 50 and 100 ounce sizes and makes tea by the “cold brew” process. Since no electricity is required, this is an excellent pitcher for those that who enjoy camping.

    The Ceylon Bodum pitcher is perfect for making iced tea with loose leaf tea. The unique design keeps the tea leaves in the filter so you always get a crystal clear glass of tea. If you don’t like making iced tea with loose leaf tea, tea packets also fit nicely into the filter. Both loose leaf and tea packets are easy to remove with less mess than the traditional way of brewing iced tea.

    An added bonus to the infuser basket is the ability to add spices, fruit, and herbs with the tea leaves or tea bags to make your own iced tea infusions.

    One of my favorite summertime teas is Madame Butterfly. This is a fruity Green tea, blended with sunflower petals and bits of dried peaches. I like to tuck a stick of cinnamon in with the tea packets to create a taste of fresh peach pie. What a great iced tea for hot Summer afternoons!

    To use the 100 ounce Bodum pitcher for iced tea, add your choice of ¼ cup loose leaf tea to the filter or two iced tea packets, pour 2 cups of boiling water into the pitcher and wait 5 minutes to start the brewing process, fill the pitcher with cold water and refrigerate until the tea reaches the desired strength.