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  • Which Tea Do You Drink With Dinner? Part III


    Some feel that Oolong tea has such a complex flavor and aroma that it should be consumed on its own. Pairing foods with Oolong teas is a little trickier since Oolong’s character tends to fall somewhere between a black tea and a green tea. Lightly oxidized Oolongs tend to go very well with foods that would be paired with white wines. On the other hand, full and medium oxidized Oolongs would go with foods that are normally paired with red wines.

    Lightly oxidized Oolongs tend to have a sweetness that pairs nicely with sweet, rich seafood dishes, such as scallops and lobster.

    The toastiness and full flavor of medium and dark Oolongs matches well with stronger flavored foods. Dark Oolongs are excellent with grilled foods, spicy or tangy dishes, and Chinese or Thai foods.

    For a wonderful ending to a meal, try pairing an Oolong with a sweet dessert like crepes or Pecan pie.

  • Which Tea Do You Drink With Dinner? Part II


    When you want food combinations that go well with Green teas think about the foods you consume with white wines. Green teas have a fresh, light flavor that is well suited to mild flavored foods.

    Green teas are superb with seafood. Other foods that would be paired with Green teas would be salads; rice, chicken, vegetable, and fruit dishes.

    Surprisingly, Green tea is great to drink with fried foods. It “cuts” through the greasiness of fried food and reduces the chance of indigestion.

    Fruity desserts and white chocolate are excellent with Green teas.

  • Which Tea Do You Drink With Dinner? Part I


    Black Tea and Food

    The other day, a friend asked me if, like wine, do you pair certain teas with certain foods. He thought he was making a joke and was surprised to find out that there is a correlation between food and tea.

    Black teas have robust flavors and aromas, and are rich and full-bodied with strong finishes. Think of Black teas in the same manner as red wines.

    Black tea would be paired with full flavored foods such as red meats, curries, and desserts. They are compatible with foods that have high oil or fat content and for that reason they work well with most breakfast foods, cream based pastas, egg dishes, sweet, creamy desserts, and anything containing chocolate.

    Black tea goes excellent with any spicy dish and would be a great accompaniment to Mexican, Italian, or Indian foods.

    For a special treat, try a Black tea when indulging in a box of fine chocolates!